ACT Pet Care

What to Expect



We meet to discuss our services in greater detail and sign our Terms and Conditions

We visit your home while you're away, once or twice a day, and feed and clean your pets. Your pets much prefer the safety and familiarity of your own home, instead of a kennel.

Once you contact ACT Pet Care about our services, we will arrange a meeting to discuss particulars including any keys, alarm codes and any pet specific information relevant to your pets.

We will also provide you with our 'Terms and Conditions' that we can discuss on site. Our preferred payment method is a bank deposit, however cash and PayPal are alternative methods. 

While you are away, ACT Pet Care will endeavour to create your pet environment as if you were still there! We will gladly SMS you any updates on your pets including when our visit has concluded.

Our Story


Keys returned


When you return to your happy pets, we will return your keys

We collect the keys


Once we have received the keys, we will take care of your pets, hassle free

What we do


ACT Pet Care (ACTPC) is a direct descendant of 'North Canberra Pet Care'. ACTPC was developed in December 2015 to introduce a safe, trustworthy and delightful pet care experience to broader Australian Capital Territory. 

For information regarding our services and rates, please click here.

ACT Pet Care