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Q: I have a dog that needs to be walked for longer than the time/s specified on your services and fees page. Is this possible?

A: Yes. We can arrange to take your dog for longer walks if needed, however there will be an additional charge for this. Please contact us for further information.
Q: What happens if my pet gets sick or injured whilst I am away?

A: As part of our process we collect details from you on your regular or preferred vet and will seek your written permission to allow us to take your pet/s to the vet should we believe they are unwell or have been injured whilst you are away. Any vet fees will be payable by you and there will be a fee attached should this situation arise. This will be discussed with you further should you wish to employ the services of ACT Pet Care.

Q: Can I get notified of my pets conditions while I am away?

A: Yes, we will provide SMS notifications every time we conclude our visit, as well as any concerns we may have.

Q: My pet requires medication, are you able to service my pet?

A. Yes. We will happily medicate your animals as you require, however we will require a very precise instruction on this procedure. We will also not proceed if any pet carer's safety becomes compromised, or feels threatened. There is a $5 surcharge for medication for the entire service period.

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