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Now introducing, ACT Pet Care memberships! 

At ACT Pet Care we are always looking for ways to make your pets stay at home a more enjoyable (and cheaper) experience. The features of having an ACT Pet Care membership is as follows:

- 20% off all rates including: pet sitting, pet walking and additional charges (public holiday fee excluded).

- Quicker and easier re-booking of our service.

An ACT Pet Care membership attracts an annual fee of $50.00 (inc. GST) to cover filing storage of membership information and key security, as well as contributing to our efforts to make your pet sitting experience better in the future!

If you purchase our membership, you will also be able to start making savings instantly. For example, if you have 1 pet, and you are away for 10 days, you would have already saved $50!


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us here with any questions or queries.

ACT Pet Care cares for your pets in your home in greater ACT. At ACT Pet Care we believe that your pets deserve the care that you would provide them in your own home. ACT Pet Care is designed and operated with your pet satisfaction in mind, so we have included a range of additional extras to make your pet happy while you are away from the ACT. 

Looking after your pets, in your home - is the way we deliver great results. ACT Pet Care is proud to be introducing membership options soon. As a loyal customer of ACT Pet Care, you will receive special membership pricing which will be advertised on

ACT Pet Care has a strong customer service satisfaction record and is regarded as the most affordable and quality pet care in the ACT.

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